MOBOTIXTrailer360 Camera Status
▽ System
Model S15D-Sec
Serial Number
Hardware T2r4.3b, 806 MHz
Image Sensor color 6MP, L32/B061,F1.8
Software MX-V4.4.2.51-r1 (2017-03-14)
Date and Time 2018-05-25 23:02:50 CDT
Current Uptime 4 days 19:52:58
▽ Networking
Camera Name Trailer360
Zeroconf on
IP Address
Network Mask
Additional IP Address
DNS Server,
Link Speed and Duplex 100Mbps / Full Duplex
Statistics Dropped: 0.4% Collisions: 0%
Time Server IP(s) (NTP)
Last Check of Time Server 2018-05-25 23:00:01
Max. Time Server Offset -3.338 ms
▽ Routing
Default Route Gateway:
Connection: Ethernet interface
▽ Audio
Microphone Low sensitivity (Microphone of Cam1)
Speaker 30  
▽ File Server / Flash Device
Type CIFS File Server
Path \\\Camera
Temporary Buffer Usage 0% (Ø: 0%, max: 2%)
Lost Event Images 0
Sequences 264680 (1172534 files)
Newest Sequence 2018-05-25 22:55:04 #268605
Oldest Sequence 2016-12-22 11:58:00 #3919
Current Usage 1012.5 GBytes (98.9%)
Maximum Size 1024 GBytes
▽ Event and Action Setup
Arming Enabled
Events AS SB_Arm_Record_VM SB_Arm_Record_AS UC SB_Arm_Record_UC
Actions REC FS
▽ Recording Setup
Arm Recording Enabled
Recording Mode Event Recording (with audio)
Event Frame Rate Max fps
Start Recording Events AS
Retrigger Recording Events none
Stop Recording Events none
Rec. Time Before Event 2 s
Rec. Time After Event 10 s
Rec. Time After Stop Event 10 s
Rec. Dead Time 5 s
▽ Sensors
Illumination 0.2 lux
Buttons none
Camera Temperature 31°C (87°F)
▽ Image Setup
Video Codec MxPEG (65536 KBytes)
Image Quality High
Image Properties 3072x2048, 80% JPEG quality, Full Image
Mirror and Rotation Do not mirror, Do not rotate
Noise Filtering Low 
Automatic Contrast Standard 
Backlight Correction
Exposure Mode Full Image Area 
Exposure Weighting 100% 
White Balance Weighting Total 
Average Brightness 40%
Color Profile Automatic WB (Extended) 
Color Saturation
Blue Balance
Red Balance
Hardware Gains (G R B) 128768 203520 289152
Current Exposure Time [ms] 133 (0.08-160, +2)
Current Frame Rate 2 fps (maximum 11 fps)
Line Frequency 60 Hz
▽ Web and Network Access
Active Clients 0 live and 0 playback channels
Listening Ports 80/tcp (IPv6) thttpd
123/udp ntpd
443/tcp (IPv6) thttpd
5353/udp mdnsd
40601/udp mdnsd
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